The Agent Represents The Seller!

November 16, 2016

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season..... Looks like we are all back to business as usual. The market is still as hot as can be. The unusual warmweather is keeping the buyers out there and traffic at our open houses have been robust!

I received a sign call over the holiday break on one of my listings which got me thinking. It's something that has come up a lot lately with buyers. My question to the potential buyer(as is whenever anyone calls me on one of my listings) was "Are you working with an agent?" His response was the "I only work with the listing agent because they will give me a better deal". As a salesperson, it's always better financial speaking for us to bring our own buyer to the listing, but I think it's also very important as an agent to educate the consumer on buyer agency(you can read more about the under the buyers tab on my website). Most buyers(or sellers for that matter) don't know or understand the role real estate agents play in a transaction. Here is an FYI for anyone looking to purchase a home....The role of a real estate salesperson in New York State is to ALWAYS represent the seller. This is true whether we are the listing agent or when we bring a buyer to someones else's listing!

Almost every home buyer agents encounter thinks that because we are helping them find a home this means we must be working for them. The only time we can work for the buyer is if the buyer specifically asks an agent to work for them and signs an agency contract(you can read more about the under the buyer agency tab on my website).

For the potential buyer that called me, his thought of getting a better price on the home couldn't be more wrong. It is my job to get the best price for the seller as possible. The same goes for the agent who brings a buyer to my listing or someone else's. I will always protect the interests of my seller and assure I will get them the best possible price for their home. That's exactly what I was hired to do.

If anyone is in the market for a home, please read my website about buyer agency. There you will find why having a buyer agent is extremely important in the home buying process.

Let us represent you, the buyer, on your next real estate transaction!

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