New Real Estate Apps For Buyers & Sellers

November 16, 2016

I have had the opportunity to attend many Real Estate conferences this year and learned about many new technologies that can help buyers find their home and sellers sell their home.

For buyers, there is Mozaic. This is a new mobile social platform. While not yet available here on on Long Island & Queens yet, Mozaic connects buyers with Real Estate agents to listings in the MLS.

Mozaic is na easy to use home search app that enables buyers to share, comment on select homes they like & even review homes that interest them. Buyers can also select up 10 friends to invite to share in their conversation. They can also share the feedback and suggest homes.

Fo example, if a buyer is looking for a "handyman special" they have an experienced contractor in their social circle that they can invite to the app to see the home and offer their professional advice.

For buyers looking to a mortgage, there is an app Called HOME. This app was developed by Fannie Mae( HOME gathers together mortgage related topics and features from all over the web and puts them in one single place.

This app comes with many calculators including one for savings, mortgage. HOME also comes with a resources about the home purchase process and even a dictionary to help understand common real estate terms.

When buying a home, their are many other costs involved like potential utility expenses. The Enerscore app can help buyers find out the total cost of home ownership. This will help a buyer make an educated offer on the home.

Enerscore gathers their information from public records. It will make up a unique profile of a home and will be able to make an estimate of utility costs based on the local rates for that particular area.

For buyers who have just purchased a home, there are two apps that work together to give an interactive floor plan of the home. These two apps are called MagicPlan & Floorplanner.

MagicPlan is an app on your smart phone which generates a floor plan of any room just by simply walking through the rooms. You can import the floor plan directly into FloorPlanner an plan out furniture placement using the furniture icons.

For folks renovations a home, there is Kukun(sounds like Cocoon, get it?). Using the tool on the Yukon app will assist the user in completing the project on budget and on time. Kukon will give you an estimated cost of the project as well as a planning tool and an estimate of the rate of return on the project.

For sellers, there is Ro0omy, a virtual staging app that can create a 3D image of any room in your home simply by using a photo taken with your phone. Using the apps library of furniture, the user can stage the room right on their screen.

Sellers can can actually delete their current furniture in the photos and replace them with furniture from the app's library. You can purchase any of the furniture directly through the app.

I hope you have found this blog interesting. If you have any questions about any of these apps or for any of your Rea Estate needs, you can reach out to me directly at 917-716-9265 or via email at

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